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Babysitting Ben

November 17, 2009 1 comment

I can’t believe it’s already been 10 months since Emmett was born, yet it still seems like so long ago.  This past Sunday, James, Emmett and I went to Shawn and Sara’s to babysit one-month old Ben while they went out for a lunch date, and it seemed like such a flash back.

I also realized how much easier it is to look after a one-month old than it is a 10-month old.  My gosh!  It’s crazy to think about how our lives have evolved in 10 months.

Ben, Emmett

Checking out his cuz

Ben, Pamela

Sleepy Ben


James, Ben

James pacifying Ben


Oh, what Shawn and Sara are in for in 9 months …

Age Timer: 10 months


The Grandparents Come to Town

May 7, 2009 1 comment

Last weekend was awesome, to say the least.  It was James’ 22nd birthday, my parents came up from New Jersey to visit and we finally decided on a new apartment.  Good thing, because I don’t know how much more Craig’s List surfing I could stand.

It was really nice having my parents around.  Needless to say, Em got quite a lot of attention.  And, lucky for my parents, they didn’t have to change one stinky diaper all weekend (which actually worried us more than it made us happy).  James and I were even able to go on a date for his birthday.  I took him to a sports bar for some pre-dinner drinks and to watch some Sox and Celtics, and then we headed to the Beehive for a late meal and some live jazz.

The dress code that day was stripes.

The dress code that day was stripes.

Just hangin' on the couch.

Just hangin' on the couch.

If only they lived closer.

Age Timer: 15 weeks, 6 days

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