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Happy Birthday to the Gusbuster!

July 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Today my awesome little nephew, Gus turned 1!  I just got back from spending a few days in Michigan visiting my family and celebrating his birthday, as well as my brother-in-law’s birthday and the 4th of July in an all-in-one extravaganza.  Needless to say, my sister the event designer made sure it was fabulous!

baby, first birthday

1 Year Old Gus!

Emmett had some reservations about Gus at first, but in the end, I think he warmed up to him.   Here are a few shots of the birthday boy and the awesome weekend.

babies in ship

Captain Gus and His Matey, Emmett

kids party balloons, cowboy hat

Gus' party hat and balloons

babies and truck

"Watcha got there, cuz?"

Age Timers

Emmett: 17 months, 3 weeks

Gus: 1 YEAR!

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Happy First Birthday, Baby Lump!

January 16, 2010 5 comments

I have a million things to do to finish getting ready for Emmett’s party today, but I couldn’t leave his first birthday without a post on the blog, so here’s a quickie…

I’m going to be completely trite here and just say it — man, does time fly!  Exactly a year ago today I was being admitted to my hospital room at MGH in excruciating pain, waiting to welcome my little baby lump into the world (at 11:47 a.m.), and now he’s a whole year old!  Happy Birthday, Emmett!

I spent most of last weekend putting together Emmett’s baby book (yes — an actual book, with pages), which meant I spent a lot of time reviewing Emmett’s major milestones within the past year, mainly through pictures.  While I realized I have about a googolplex’s worth of photos of Emmett, James and I both agreed that the following is one of our favorites (he’s about 9 months here).  And feel free to leave some Happy Birthday wishes for Em in the comments.  It’s been an awesome year!

baby snarling


Stay tuned early next week for a birthday recap.  I’m assuming there will be tons of messy cake pictures to enjoy!

Age Timer: 1 Year!

A Shower for Adrienne and Gus

March 26, 2009 1 comment

So much to blog about!  It’s been a busy past couple weeks – a visit from my sister, Adrienne and my brother-in-law, Mac; a trip with Emmett to New Jersey for Adrienne’s baby shower; and Emmett’s first run-in with the extended family – second cousins, great aunts and uncles, great grandparents.  Plus, I’m back to work.  Rather than overwhelming you with the past couple weeks’ events in one long post, I’ll plan on a series of posts in the next few days.

Last Saturday we had Adrienne’s baby shower.  We went with a spa theme, complete with candles, a hand scrub, peppermint soaked washcloths, a cool spoon eye treatment and soothing, spa-like music.  Everyone had a great time, and Adrienne was showered with some great gifts for Baby Gus (and some gifts to pamper herself as well!).

Check out some of the day’s events in pictures …

Spa Candles and Wheat Grass

Spa Candles and Wheat Grass

Lauren, Lindsay and Grammy

Lauren, Lindsay and Grammy

Chelsea and the Mom-to-Be

Chelsea and the Mom-to-Be

Tower of Tastkakes

Tower of Tastykakes

Age Timer: 9 weeks, 6 days

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