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Gearing up for the Move

August 17, 2009 6 comments

The move is only two weeks away, so James and I are trying to get as organized as possible.  While we’re not moving far (about a mile away), September 1 is the busiest move-in day of the year around here because of the college crowd, so we’re trying to mentally prepare for a couple days of craziness.

In anticipation of having a moving truck on moving day, James and I went couch shopping this past weekend, and whaddya know? We found one! It’s mossy green, very comfy, it fit our budget, and it definitely beats the crummy futon we’ve been hurting our backs and butts on over the past year.  We bought it at Jordan’s.

James testing out our new couch

James testing out our new couch

I also finally had a chance to refurbish the coffee table I bought for $5 a couple of months ago at the Goodwill store.  A few screws to fix the wobble, some sandpaper, a few fresh coats of black paint and some elbow grease later – BAM – a beautiful “new” coffee table!  It’s a bit large for the living room we have now, but it’ll be just right in our new place.

Our "new" coffee table

Our "new" coffee table

James and I are looking forward to moving to a bigger space soon, and Emmett should be, too.  It’s fully carpeted for the little guy to crawl around to his heart’s desire, and there’s a lot more room for him to get into trouble.

On another note, he’s really been enjoying his solids lately, and he’s truly starting to get the hang of it.  Here’s a lovely pic of the aftermath of a meal of sweet potatoes:

Emmett loves sweet potatoes

Emmett loves sweet potatoes

Check out some pics from James and my camping trip a couple of weekends ago on my personal Flickr page.

Age Timer: 7 months, 1 day


My Baby’s Bumbo

April 22, 2009 1 comment
Em and His Bumbo

Em and His Bumbo

Emmett’s Bumbo came in the mail today!  I used some of my Babies ‘R Us gift card money to order one, along with an additional Boppy slipcover.  It’s like Christmas!  Thanks to everyone who gave me a Babies ‘R Us gift card – consider yourselves the givers of these two wonderful purchases.

Emmett LOVES his Bumbo so far – he’s so gosh darn independent now!

Age Timer: 13 weeks, 5 days

“What flavor are you having?”

July 30, 2008 3 comments

James and I have been fielding a lot of the same questions lately.  The most frequently asked one? …

“Are you going to find out what flavor you’re having?”

Technically, James and I could find out on Monday (we’re getting another ultrasound – yay!).  Buuuut we’ve decided not to because we want it to be the ultimate surprise.  Even though most people shoot back by saying that finding out the sex is a surprise either way, we honestly don’t think it’d be one of nearly the same caliber as finding out the day our lump is born.

We’re renting our apartment, and it’s not like I’m going to be painting or hard-core decorating the nursery anyway (although we are very thankful we decided to rent the two bedroom, even if the extra bedroom was originally intended to be “the office”) .  Plus, James thinks it’d be extra cool if he were the one to tell me what flavor it is, and I happen to think that’s a pretty darn good idea.

I’m not going to lie though, not knowing Baby Lump’s flavor will make it a little difficult to buy those initial newborn outfits.  Browsing through the infant department of clothing stores, I’ve realized there aren’t too many gender-neutral baby clothes.  Luckily, this has inhibited some premature baby clothes shopping sprees on my part.  My mom and I were able to find a couple pretty neutral sets of Carter’s pajamas at Babies “R” Us the other week (I think bears and ducks and polka dots are pretty gender-neutral), though they are somewhat few and far between.

So for all of you who are itching to buy (I kid, I kid) Baby Lump some cool new duds, you’ll either have to do some digging or wait to find out lump’s flavor in January.

Oven Timer: 16 weeks, 2 days

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