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Vote Emmett the Next babyGap Model!

October 11, 2010 1 comment

Just so we’re clear, I am not trying to pimp out my child nor do I have the intention of becoming any kind of pageant mom whatsoever, but I just couldn’t help myself with this one.  I’ve entered Emmett into the Gap Casting Call to become one of the next babyGap models, and he’d love your vote (seriously — he told me).  If you don’t become completely frustrated by the crapiness of the website (could they have made Emmett’s photo any more pixelated?!), please at least attempt to vote.


baby in Gap outfit

Emmett loves Gap clothing. See? ;o)



Click here to vote for Emmett!  Thanks for your support!

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Place Your Baby Bets!

September 26, 2008 5 comments

"Guess my sex, birth date and weight!"

I have to admit – when my friend, Keith first came to me with the idea of creating a facebook group for people to place bets on my baby-to-be’s birth stats, I was pretty hesitant.  However, once I realized giving him the “okay” wouldn’t really mean I was pimping out my baby, I gave in.  (Plus, he promised to put two dollars of every five-dollar bet toward a baby gift for Baby Lump.  Hey, we’ll always need extra diapers, right?)

The “Pam and James Baby Betting Pool!! $5 Entry!” group has only been in existence for about 24 hours, but I’m already starting to notice the potential for how much fun it could be.  It’s really interesting to see what people’s guesses are and wonder who will be correct (or closest to it).  I’ve even started making an Excel spreadsheet of the first submissions (eh – you already knew I’m a geek).  And after a chat with the group’s original creator, we’ve decided to change a few things …

In the spirit of the group, we’ve decided to eliminate monetary wagers.  This was also decided after the realization that people probably won’t be sending me five-dollar bills in the mail.  (Unfortunately, facebook is lame and doesn’t allow you to change the name of a group after it’s already been created, so don’t be deceived by the title.)  Anyway, I figured more people would post their guesses on the wall if they didn’t think they had to contribute a few bucks, and I’m honestly just curious to see if anyone will guess the three stats dead-on.  Which reminds me, guesses are to be made in the form of three categories:

  1. Sex/Flavor (you know – boy or girl)
  2. Date of Birth (Month/Date)
  3. Birth Weight (in pounds and ounces format)

The official rules are posted in the group’s description, including specifications for scoring and how the winner will be chosen.  So please, join the group and place your bet guess!  Just be careful not to guess the same as someone else!

While there may not be any monetary compensation for the winner, I already have a few ideas up my sleeve as far as prizes go.

And hey, even though we’ve gotten rid of the actual betting, if you’d still like to submit a five-dollar donation for the future purchase of diapers, by all means! :o)

I’ve decided to post an ongoing list of people’s guesses in a separate page on this blog called “Birth Stats,” which I will try to update regularly.

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