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Introducing Baby McFussy

February 25, 2009 4 comments

The little man has been especially fussy the past few days.  If he’s not fast asleep or eating, it’s pretty safe to assume he’s being a little cry baby.  Although we can usually pacify him by cradling him in our arms or bouncing him on our knees, sometimes that’s not even successful.  And even if he is sleeping in our arms, once we put him in his crib or his Pack ‘N Play, it’s all tears again, which doesn’t bode well for a smooth nighttime.  By the way, this makes it extremely difficult to blog (one-handed typing while Baby Lump is passed out on top of me isn’t exactly easy).

Emmett McFussy

Emmett McFussy

Here’s to hoping the muffin man is just going through some kind of growth spurt that will subside within a few days.  I’m just glad he didn’t turn out to be a colicky baby from the get-go.  Still, I’ll definitely be happy to have some smoother nights’ sleep back.

Age Timer: 5 weeks, 5 days


Baby Mashup

February 20, 2009 3 comments

My sister, Adrienne was right.  Emmett does look a lot like I did when I was a baby.  While most of my baby pictures apparently are in slide format (my dad owned his own slidemaking business back in the day before computers and PowerPoint took over the world), my parents were able to dig up a picture of a five week old me, the same age Emmett is right now!

So though we originally thought Emmett was a spitting image of his dad, it looks like he’s actually a pretty equal mashup of the two of us (depending on his facial expression, it seems) …

Pamelump (Me!)

Sleepy Pamelump (Me!)

Sleepy Baby Lump

Sleepy Baby Lump

Scrunchy Baby Lump

Scrunchy Baby Lump

Baby James

Scrunchy Baby James

Age Timer: 5 weeks

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In a Virtual World, a Tip of the Hat to Traditional Ways

February 18, 2009 Leave a comment

If you know me, you can obviously tell that I’m all about social media and using the Internet to my advantage.  Otherwise, I would never have created in the first place.  I usually describe this blog to people as a virtual baby book for Baby Lump.  I wouldn’t necessarily classify it as a mommy blog because it’s definitely been more about Emmett than it’s been about me.  Of course, maybe that’ll change now that  he’s been born.  I digress …

I definitely prefer to do a lot of things in my life online rather than on paper.  I hate paying bills via check through snail mail for example, because there’s no indication my payment has been processed on the other end.  However, there’s definitely a certain novelty to certain traditional methods.  I love receiving a birthday card in my mailbox and tearing open the envelope, and I jump at the opportunity to send thank-you cards whenever possible.

So yes, this blog has served/will continue to serve as a virtual baby book for Emmett that hopefully he will enjoy reading one day when he’s older (and/or be completely embarrassed by).  Still, last week I also purchased a physical baby book as well, and I will definitely be filling it to its completion.  This may be due, in part, to the slight resentment of my own incomplete baby book  (really mom, it’s not a big deal – I swear).  Understandable though – I was the third child.

I also sent out physical birth announcement cards to members of Emmett’s family, thanks to my mother who handmade them (and did a really awesome job).  Of course, everyone had already heard the news from phone calls, text messages and the Internet, but my mom and I agreed that there’s just something nice about receiving something physical in the mail as well.

Birth Announcement (Left: Cover; Right: Inside)

Birth Announcement (Left: Cover; Right: Inside)

There are definitely advantages to each method.  I personally think it’s nice to have a hard copy of a baby book to flip through, but a baby book also doesn’t include all the thoughts and insight found on my blog.  I’ve actually even considered converting the content of my blog into a physical book at some point – does that defeat the purpose?

Either way, while I’m definitely not planning on abandoning my passion for social media anytime soon, it’s still been pretty cool to give a tip of the hat to traditional ways.

Age Timer: 4 weeks, 5 days

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Emmett in the Nursery

February 17, 2009 1 comment
Independent Emmett

Independent Emmett

What a little weekend of milestones!  Emmett turned one month old yesterday (can you believe it?) and spent his first night in his very own bedroom (which I think was a lot tougher on mommy than it was on baby).

James and I pretty much spent the whole weekend planning and rearranging the furniture in our apartment with the goal of finally setting up the nursery (for the most part).  To make the transition from our bedroom to the nursery a little easier (again, probably just for me), we’ve left the crib in our room for the time being and set up the Pack ‘N Play in the nursery.  I figured this would make things a lot simpler if I decided I didn’t like how things were going after the first couple of nights and wanted Em back in our room again.

I’m happy to report that the night went pretty well (normal behavioral hiccups aside).  It may have taken me a little longer than usual to get to sleep due to worries about possible baby monitor malfunctions or kitty mishaps (thankfully, Oliver kept his distance), but in the end, it seemed to work out pretty well.  I like to think Emmett enjoyed his independence, too.

Maybe I’ll still give it a couple more nights before we move the crib into the nursery for good.  You know, just to be sure …

(Pictures of new apartment setup and nursery to come …)

Age Timer: 4 weeks, 4 days

Sick But Smiley

February 13, 2009 4 comments

It’s been a rough couple of weeks at the Seiple/Vaughan apartment.  Raspy baby coughs, explosive sneezes and much more phlegm than I’d ever want to deal with.  If you’ve never heard a newborn cough, let me tell you – it’s truly heartwrenching …

Sick Baby Lump

Sick Baby Lump

First, James got sick.

Then I got sick.

And of course, Emmett got sick.

Then James got better.

And I was on the road to recovery, too.

But poor, fragile Emmett was still coughing.

Then I got worse.

And James got sick again, too.

Emmett slowly seems to be getting better.  I’ve only heard a few coughs in the past couple of days, and his eyes seem to be a little less crusty.  When we took him to the doctor earlier in the week (and found out he’s already 10 lbs. 6 oz.!), she said he was fine and that it was just a cold.  The poor little guy just needs to tough it out.

It can’t be too bad, because yesterday James and I witnessed his first real smile.  None of that eyes closed, half smirk nonsense.  We’re talking a full-on eyes wide, open-mouthed, gums-revealed, legitimate smile here!  I totally melted. 🙂

Age Timer: 4 weeks

Emmett’s First Cousin – It’s a Gus!

February 6, 2009 5 comments
Adrienne & her bump

Adrienne & her lovely baby bump

It’s official – as far as the medical people can tell, Adrienne and Mac’s little Nutter butter is apparently blue-flavored.  It looks like Team Gus (as opposed to Team Fiona) is the victor.  Emmett’s very first cousin is going to make a great little playmate at family events.  I’m pretty sure if Em were old enough to understand that there was going to be another little boy his age in the family, he’d be thrilled.

its-a-gus1Congrats, Mac and A!  We can’t wait to meet him!

Age Timer: 3 weeks

Baby Lump Takes on Tub

February 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Last Friday, James and I gave Em his very first real bath.  We’re talking full-on baby (sans head, of course) water submersion.  None of that sponge bath nonsense.  Boy did he love it!   He was quite a content baby if I’ve ever seen one.  The nurses at the hospital told James and I that babies only need about one to two baths per week, but there’s no harm in bathing them more frequently if they’re a fan of it.  Considering Emmett is a fan, I think there are many more baths in his future.

Water Baby

Water Baby

Due to the risk of embarrassing future Emmett, I debated about whether to post bathtime pictures.  Sorry Em, but it was really too cute to pass up, so I’ve included an edited version (I compromised).  After all, what are parents for?  (Future Emmett will just be happy I didn’t post the video ….)

Age Timer: 2 weeks, 5 days

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