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Superman Goes Trick-or-Treating

November 2, 2010 1 comment

With Emmett’s grandparents in tow, James and I took Emmett (AKA Superman) for his first ever trick-or-treating experience this past Halloween.  Emmett made a pretty fabulous Superman, selecting the red and blue suit over the alternative lobster costume (though much to my dismay).

toddler Halloween costumes

A sad lobster and Superman. Superman won.

While Superman was a pretty indecisive trick-or-treater when first presented with bowls of various goodies, he got the hang of it by the end of our adventure, knocking on doors himself and saying “Thank you — bye!” without even being prompted (video).

parents, toddler trick or treating

"Trick or treat!"

toddler trick or treating

So much to choose from!

Nana and Gran-D even taught Emmett how to appropriately get into the Superman character. Watch the footage below to see Emmett flying and making sound effects like Superman.

Quite a step up from his first Halloween, huh? For more photos from Halloween, check out the Halloween 2010 set on Flickr!

Age Timer: 21 months, 2 weeks

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Happy Halloween from a Ferocious Blue Monster

October 31, 2009 1 comment

That’s right – ferocious.  Or maybe just adorable.  Either way, Emmett’s costume is awesome.  Too bad he’s a little young for trick-or-treating and we have no place to show it off.  I’m actually thinking of taking him to the supermarket today for some grocery shopping, because at least some people will be able to see him costumed in person.  That is, if he can tolerate being in it for more than 5 minutes (the current record).

Ferocious Blue Monster

Ferocious Blue Monster

"Too Cute to Scare"

"Too Cute to Scare" shirt from Aunt Sara & Uncle Shawn

For mischeif night last night, I carved a pumpkin, toasted the seeds (which are DELICIOUS) and James built our first fire in the apartment’s fireplace.  Needless to say it was a nice little fall evening.  I’m also pretty darn proud of how well my jackolantern came out.  It’s an owl!

Owl Jackolantern

Owl Jackolantern


James and Emmett cozying up by the fire.

In past news, Emmett had his 9-month checkup the other week.  He was a super champ through the bloodwork.  He didn’t even make a peep –  it was incredible – though he wailed when they gave him his shots.  He’s now a whopping 20 lbs. 4 oz. (46th percentile) and 30.5 inches “tall” (97th percentile).  Again, one of the tallest kids in his class!

We  had a couple of fun visits this past week.  My best friend Niki stayed with us last weekend, and we had a visit from my good friend, Lauren, from high school last Wednesday.  More aunts for Emmett!

Crazy Aunt Niki

Crazy Aunt Niki - "We're drying our hair!"

Aunt L

Aunt L

I’m also convinced that Emmett is extremely close to saying “mamma.”  In fact, it sounds like he’s already saying it (although he might not exactly know what he’s saying)!  Check out this video for evidence.  What do you think?

Age Timer: 9 months, 2 weeks

Martha Stewart Food-Baby Costumes: FAIL!

October 7, 2008 7 comments

Okay – what is with the world’s fetish with the babies-as-food thing?  This is even worse than the baby shower Cake Wrecks because now, actual humans are involved.  Seriously, this makes me want to stop sharing those food analogies the sites I read use to describe my baby’s growing size.  Baby Lump is getting too big to be compared to single servings of food anyway, unless I’m planning on chowing down on a whole meatloaf or something.  Have a look, and see what I mean ….

My friend, Yianni is right – Martha should go back to jail for this one.  Those poor babies.  These are the cruelest baby costumes ever!  There’s no way Baby Lump’s first Halloween will be spent as a lemon meringue pie or a boiled and plated lobster.  That apple pie baby looks like she’s in a food coma.  No wonder “Caesar salad baby” doesn’t want to cooperate …

In weekly updates, Baby Lump now weighs two full pounds and measures about 14 inches long (as long as he/she isn’t gearing up to be a Paul Bunyan-type baby).  He/she has also started working on that birthday hairdo and should be growing some cute little baby fuzz by now.

According to many Web sites, this week marks the last week in my second trimester, so apparently I’m about two-thirds of the way there.  Third trimester, here I come!

Oven Timer: 26 weeks, 1 day

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