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Baby’s First Beach Fire

May 21, 2009 Leave a comment

It sounds way worse than it actually is.  Maybe I should’ve titled it, “Baby’s First Fire on the Beach.”  Eh – either way, it sounds like Emmett is committing arson.

Anyway, during an impromptu trip up to Maine last weekend (James was needed by his parents for some manual labor.  I shopped.), we made an awesome little fire on the beach.  James’ parents actually live right on the coast of Freeport, Maine in Casco Bay.  Here’s a shot of the fantastic view from their backyard:

Backyard View of Casco Bay

Backyard View of Casco Bay

Just beyond the lawn in their backyard, there is a steep embankment that leads down to the beach, which is where we started the fire.  Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure it was actually my first fire on a beach as well (please let me know if I’m wrong and I’ve actually had a beach fire with you before).  Kind of cool to share a first with my own son.

Emmett was definitely mesmerized by the fire …

Emmett Studying the Fire

Emmett studying the fire

Emmett with Gran Lucy by the ocean.

Emmett with Gran Lucy by the ocean.

Grandpa Mac and Gran Lucy bought Emmett his first life jacket, which makes James and I very excited for Em’s first boat ride this summer  🙂

Age Timer: 4 months, 6 days

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Em’s First Giggles

April 29, 2009 1 comment

In the past week or so, we’ve been able to get some random giggles out of Emmett – when we pull a shirt over his head, blow a raspberry on his belly, etc.  Still, there’s really been no surefire way to induce a giggle … until now.

Apparently Emmett is ticklish!  Right under his left armpit.  It’s pretty cute.  Last night, we got some video of the little tickle monster:

It also goes to show that no one truly likes being tickled.

Age Timer: 14 weeks, 5 days

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Emmett Braves His First Shots

April 6, 2009 2 comments

What a terrible blogger I am – more interested in manbaby videos than updating you with actual news about Emmett.  Whatever – you have to admit, that manbabies video was pretty hilarious.

So Em had his two month checkup almost two weeks ago.  Everything checked out fine.  He’s in the 75th percentile for both his height and weight (13 lbs. 14 oz. and 24.5 inches!), his noggin is I guess average for a baby (his head measured in the 50th percentile), and he’s hit all of those little milestones he should be hitting – beginning to have more control of the muscles in his neck and holding up his head, smiling and cooing regularly, etc.  Actually, he’s quite the little talker.  James and I are thinking he’ll be spitting out his first real word any day now.  I kid, I kid. 🙂

The absolute worst part of the visit was the shots.  The poor guy got three separate shots on both of his thighs.  My friend, Justina had prepared me for it to be difficult to watch.  Her son, CJ is exactly one month older than Emmett, so they experience all the milestones first and let me know what to expect, which is nice.  Still, considering I’m not really a huge softie, I figured I’d be fine.  Boy was I wrong – it was tough to watch the little guy go from being completely content to tomato-red and screaming in pain.  I mean, I’m used to seeing him cry, but this was the first time I was seeing him cry out of sheer, deliberate pain.  It was nice to have James there, too – I teared up little bit.

Dr. Prasad also showed us a fun little trick he calls the superman reflex. When you run your finger down one side of his bare back, his butt is supposed to swing to the opposite side.  This wasn’t his best performance, but check it out!

Age Timer: 11 weeks, 3 days

A Walk in the Park, a Stroll Through Boston

March 7, 2009 4 comments

What a day of firsts!  Yesterday James and I decided that, because of today’s warm weather forecast (56 degrees – spring is almost here!), we’d jump at the opportunity to take Emmett out for his first stroll in the park.  I’m pretty confident in saying that Em was totally a fan.  It was his first outing in the stroller where he actually stayed awake for a good chunk of the time.  It was also the first time we took the stroller on the T to get downtown, and man is the T totally not stroller- (or handicap-, for that matter) accessible!  If James hadn’t been with me, it would’ve been impossible for me to go it alone.

In any event, we made it to the Commons without any bouts of crying.  We took a nice long walk, strolling past the Frog Pond (Can you believe that Frog Pond ice skating is still open?  What a great day to skate!), stopping at the Public Garden for a photo/video oppt., continuing along Newbury Street and on to Kenmore Square, where we stopped for another one of Emmett’s firsts – a restaurant visit to Uno’s.  James and I each had a quick burger while Emmett ordered up his usual fare, bottled breast milk.

Restaurant Nom Noms

Restaurant Nom Noms

Needless to say, I think all three of us are looking forward to more warmer days in Boston and future outings.

Age Timer: 7 weeks, 1 day

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