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Puzzle Piece Cymbals

May 1, 2010 2 comments

Did you know wooden puzzle pieces make fabulous cymbals?  I didn’t — until recently…

I’m assuming this means Emmett is musically inclined.  I could also assume that he’s an out-of-box thinker.  Or it’s just that he’s a boy, and boys will be boys.

Age Timer: 15 months, 2 weeks

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First Birthday Recap: Monkey Cake in the Face

January 20, 2010 3 comments

I’m happy to report that Emmett’s first birthday party (Theme: Mod Monkey) was a complete success.  There were very minimal freakouts or snafus, and I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a great time.  A huge thanks goes to my parents, Niki and James for helping out and to everyone who attended and sent gifts, cards & Happy Birthday wishes to make his day special.

Birthday Baby

The Birthday Boy in his Mod Monkey Party Hat

Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy

It goes without saying that Emmett made out big time with all his presents.  He received not one — but two ball pits (you jealous?).  However, oddly enough, Emmett’s favorite present seemed to be a cupcake-shaped Target gift card from Uncle Shawn, Aunt Sara and cousin Ben.  It must have been that whole give-a-kid-a-present-and-he’d-rather-play-with-the-box mentality.

It took Emmett a little while to master the whole cake-eating concept, but eventually he got the hang of it.  Check out the video (though I’m warning you, it’s kind of long)…

Baby's first birthday cake

Cake to the Face!

*Fun Fact: Emmett is sitting in the same high chair I sat in on my first birthday.

James took Emmett to his 1 year checkup on Tuesday, and the little man is doing just fine.  He’s now 22 lbs. 10.5 oz. (49th percentile) and 32 inches long (96th percentile), and he even got the go-ahead to start substituting whole milk for formula.

I still can’t believe it’s been a year, but I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it!

For more photos from Emmett’s first birthday party, check out the Birthday set on Flickr.

Age Timer: 1 year, 4 days

Emmett Test Drives His New Walker

June 16, 2009 1 comment

Remember how I told you that all Em seems to want to do lately is stand up?  Well, thanks to Gran Lucy, now he can — without any help from James or me!  He has a brand new Sesame Street ABC Elmo Activity Walker, and he absolutely loves it.  Here he is taking it for a test drive:

That video was taken before we had a chance to add the toys.  He loves it even more now that they’re there.

Nibbling on Cookie Monster's cookie

Nibbling on Cookie Monster's cookie

We also tried out Emmett’s TravelSeat hook-on Chicco high chair for the first time yesterday, too.  I think he’s a fan.  Still doesn’t really seem to be a fan of rice cereal though.  I think we’ll have to try something else.

Love the hippos!  Hip? Hip-hop? Hip-hop-anonymous?

Love the hippos! Hip? Hip-hop? Hip-hop-anonymous?

In other news, Emmett is 5 months old today!  Can you believe it?

Age Timer: 5 months

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