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A Long Overdue Update

January 29, 2011 1 comment

One moment while I brush the dust off this blog. Okay, we’re back in business …

So much to fill you in on! Where do I start? When last I posted, Emmett had finally started saying ‘mamma,’ and while he still sometimes prefers to call me ‘dadda,’ it’s pretty much a regular thing now.

In other news, we had a great time visiting my family in NJ and PA for Thanksgiving, and I think it’s safe to say Emmett and his cousin Gus became pretty good friends, despite the occasional sharing mishap.

toddlers playing

Emmett & Gus at Pop Pop's for Thanksgiving

Emmett also experienced his second Christmas in Boston and Maine and was much better at opening presents than he was a year ago. His favorite gifts included a harmonica from Gran Lucy and Grandpa Mac and a new laptop (video) from GranD and Nana.

toddler playing harmonica

Emmett gets down with his new harmonica

Emmett’s SpongeBob themed second birthday warranted a fun visit from Aunt Lulu (video), Nana, GranD, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Sara, cousin Ben, and a few friends and resulted in a new basketball hoop, some yummy cupcakes, and Emmett’s first sledding experience.

toddler birthday cupcakes

Emmett blows out his birthday cupcake candles

So … what now? I’m pleased(?) to announce that we’re now embarking on the exciting new adventure that is… POTTY TRAINING!

Brace yourselves, everyone. James and I are sure to be in for a wild ride…

toddler in snow

Snow Toddler

Photo Links:

See photos from Thanksgiving

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See photos from Emmett’s 2nd Birthday

Age Timer: 2 years


Superman Goes Trick-or-Treating

November 2, 2010 1 comment

With Emmett’s grandparents in tow, James and I took Emmett (AKA Superman) for his first ever trick-or-treating experience this past Halloween.  Emmett made a pretty fabulous Superman, selecting the red and blue suit over the alternative lobster costume (though much to my dismay).

toddler Halloween costumes

A sad lobster and Superman. Superman won.

While Superman was a pretty indecisive trick-or-treater when first presented with bowls of various goodies, he got the hang of it by the end of our adventure, knocking on doors himself and saying “Thank you — bye!” without even being prompted (video).

parents, toddler trick or treating

"Trick or treat!"

toddler trick or treating

So much to choose from!

Nana and Gran-D even taught Emmett how to appropriately get into the Superman character. Watch the footage below to see Emmett flying and making sound effects like Superman.

Quite a step up from his first Halloween, huh? For more photos from Halloween, check out the Halloween 2010 set on Flickr!

Age Timer: 21 months, 2 weeks

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Last Days of Summer: Labor Day in Maine

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Traditionally, Labor Day marks the end of summertime. Usually, this is a major bummer. But this year, I think my family had a pretty awesome summer, making it a little easier to watch it go.

Toddler with Shovel

Emmett and His Shovel in the Boat

Some of this summer’s highlights:

  1. Emmett got his first buzz cut.
  2. James and I got engaged and started planning our wedding. (Have I directed you to our wedding website yet?)
  3. We visited with Cousin Gus, Aunt A and Uncle Mac in Michigan.
  4. Emmett took swim lessons.
  5. We had Emmett’s first trip to the Jersey shore with Nana, Gran-D and Aunt Niki.

A couple of days in Maine with Gran Lucy, Grandpa Mac, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Sara and Cousin Ben were a great way to top off the summer.  We enjoyed a yummy lobster feast (and learned just how much Emmett enjoys corn on the cob), spent some time on the beach and the boat, did some shopping in Freeport for Emmett’s fall wardrobe, and mainly just relaxed.

grandma and grandsons

Emmett with Gran Lucy and Cousin Ben

Toddler eating corn on the cob

Emmett Devours His Corn on the Cob

Toddler and Lobster

Emmett Confronts a Lobster With a Grill Lighter

Who else is looking forward to toddlers playing in piles of leaves in the fall and making snowmen in the winter?  I know Em and I are.

For more photos from our Labor Day visit in Maine, view the set on Flickr.

Age Timer: 19 months, 3 weeks

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Emmett’s Mother’s Day Message

I can’t believe it’s already my second Mother’s Day!  James has been working all day, so it’s just been me and my little man.  He wanted to record a Mother’s Day message for his grandmothers and great grandmothers, and here was the best result…

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow mothers out there!

Age Timer: 15 months, 3 weeks

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Santa Baby

December 17, 2009 1 comment

Well, the holidays are officially underway, and as always, I’m super behind on my Christmas shopping.  We have, however, managed to get the stockings hung, the tree (delivered by James’ parents from Maine) up and decorated and our holiday cards safely to their destinations.  Although I wish I could send a card to everyone I know, it’s simply not possible, so here’s a peak for everyone to see:

Holiday Card 2009

Yes, Emmett has a full-out Santa suit.  Yes, this was the best picture I could get of him in it, even after two photo shoots on separate occasions.  Now I understand why people take their kids to professional photographers.  It was literally impossible to get a quality picture of Emmett smiling that also showed off the Santa suit.

Santa Baby

Santa Baby

In developmental milestone news, Emmett is officially only a month away from his first birthday.  He now has six teeth — four on the top and two on the bottom in the front — and as of earlier this week, he weighs 21 lbs, 11 oz.

He’s getting more adventurous about his standing, too.  If you let go of him he can stand without help for a few seconds, and if you hold one of his hands, he’ll walk around with you.   He can also now climb onto the chair in our living room by himself, which means he now garners a lot more attention from me.  Can I say the cliche thing?  He’s seriously growing up so fast!  After much hesitation, I even gave him his first (very) overdue haircut tonight – just a little off the sides.

For more pictures from Emmett’s Santa Baby photo shoots, check out the Flickr set here.

Age Timer: 11 months

And The Crowd Goes Wild!

December 2, 2009 1 comment

Well, maybe just Emmett.  He’s learned to clap in the past week, and honestly, it’s all the kid wants to do, whether the timing is appropriate or not.  Whatever – it’s darn cute…

Emmett was learning to clap while we were visiting my family in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving last week.  It was the first time my family was all together since Emmett and Gus were born, and the first time my extended family met Gus, so it was a lot of fun.  Gus is a lot more interactive than the last time I visited with him, so it was interesting to see the two babies get along.  Although most of the interactions between them involved Emmett sitting on and poking at Gus’ face, it was great to have them both in the same room.

Some highlights in pictures:

baby cousins

Emmett attempts a game of Patty Cake with Gus

Gus tells a very engaging story to Emmett, Aunt Lulu and Gran-D

Gus tells a very engaging story to Emmett, Aunt Lulu & Gran-D

baby, slot machine

Gran-D jumpstarts Emmett's gambling problem

grandma, grandson, baby

Nana causes Gus to make odd facial expressions

grandfather, grandsons, babies

Emmett practices his clapping

The babies’ first Thanksgiving was a big success in my opinion.  And if Emmett were still in my belly, he would’ve been about the size of a 20 lb. turkey 🙂  Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

To view more pictures from Thanksgiving, check out my Thanksgiving ’09 set on Flickr.

Age Timer: 10 months, 2 weeks

Happy Halloween from a Ferocious Blue Monster

October 31, 2009 1 comment

That’s right – ferocious.  Or maybe just adorable.  Either way, Emmett’s costume is awesome.  Too bad he’s a little young for trick-or-treating and we have no place to show it off.  I’m actually thinking of taking him to the supermarket today for some grocery shopping, because at least some people will be able to see him costumed in person.  That is, if he can tolerate being in it for more than 5 minutes (the current record).

Ferocious Blue Monster

Ferocious Blue Monster

"Too Cute to Scare"

"Too Cute to Scare" shirt from Aunt Sara & Uncle Shawn

For mischeif night last night, I carved a pumpkin, toasted the seeds (which are DELICIOUS) and James built our first fire in the apartment’s fireplace.  Needless to say it was a nice little fall evening.  I’m also pretty darn proud of how well my jackolantern came out.  It’s an owl!

Owl Jackolantern

Owl Jackolantern


James and Emmett cozying up by the fire.

In past news, Emmett had his 9-month checkup the other week.  He was a super champ through the bloodwork.  He didn’t even make a peep –  it was incredible – though he wailed when they gave him his shots.  He’s now a whopping 20 lbs. 4 oz. (46th percentile) and 30.5 inches “tall” (97th percentile).  Again, one of the tallest kids in his class!

We  had a couple of fun visits this past week.  My best friend Niki stayed with us last weekend, and we had a visit from my good friend, Lauren, from high school last Wednesday.  More aunts for Emmett!

Crazy Aunt Niki

Crazy Aunt Niki - "We're drying our hair!"

Aunt L

Aunt L

I’m also convinced that Emmett is extremely close to saying “mamma.”  In fact, it sounds like he’s already saying it (although he might not exactly know what he’s saying)!  Check out this video for evidence.  What do you think?

Age Timer: 9 months, 2 weeks

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